The Healing Collection


The Healing Collection: A collection of audio teachings on healing by Bill Johnson.

These five series are conveniently packaged on an easy to use flash drive ready to be loaded onto your computer or mp3 player.

This flash drive makes for a great gift idea and church resource!

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The teachings included on this drive are:

Enduring Faith

  • Enduring Faith
  • How to Handle Loss

Healing: Our Neglected Birthright

  • The Battle for Healing
  • It’s in the Atonement
  • Authority and Power for Healing
  • Prosperity of Soul
  • How Sickness Comes to the Believer
  • Impartation

Healing: The Children’s Bread

  • The Anointing
  • The Nature of Faith

How to Overcome Disappointment

  • Living Un-Offended at God
  • Tools for Healing Past Disappointments

The Power of the Testimony

  • The Purpose of the Testimony
  • A Culture Shaped by Testimony

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