How to invite Mattheus van der Steen

Mattheus van der Steen is open to invitations.  You can find a form to fill out as a formal invitation below. This helps us as we prayerfully consider the scheduling of Mattheus’s intinerary.

Helpful guidelines to consider as you submit this form:

Airfare, food and lodging expenses are to be covered by the hosting church or organization; anything beyond this as an honorarium, is welcomed.

Please understand that Mattheus has a family with 3 young children. He also has a very busy agenda with his home church House of Heroes, conferences and other events. Please don’t be disappointed when he is not able to come and speak at your event. A core value for Mattheus is that he goes where the Holy Spirit leads him and if there is no specific direction, choices are based on the events that will have the most impact.

   We trust you understand these choices.

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